Chestnut Recipes

Chestnuts are perfect addition to any meal or snack and can be enjoyed everyday as part of a balanced, low fat eating plan. Chestnuts are also a good source of dietry fibre for a healthy digestive system and they have a low glycemic index.

Chestnuts have a host of nutritional attributes including: (Figures per 30g)

--Naturally low in fat (less than 0.2%)

--Naturally salt free (less than 5mg)

--Naturally low in sugar (1g)

--Naturally high in dietary fibre

--Gluten free

--Low Glycemic index for slow release energy

Source: Silliker Microtech 2002

Here you can find many uses for your chestnuts, from meals, soups to delicious desserts.

If you are unsure how to prepare and cook chestnuts check out of section on Cooking Chestnuts.

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Many more recipes will be add over the next few months so check back here soon for new and exciting recipes to try.